Fishery Rules

General Rules

No barbed hooks
No fixed rigs
No Keepnets
Each angler must have their own unhooking matt and landing net
Landing nets must be used at all times
All fish to be returned to the water ASAP
No braid
No floating baits
No bread
No lures or dropshotting
No loose fed boilies, must be hookbait only
Please use toilets provided
No litter
Unhooking matt and net must be dry when entering the fishery
No trout or halibut pellets

Match rules

Normal fishery rules apply
60lb net limit with a 10lb tolerance
Silvers and F1s in one net, carp in the other
Unhooking matt must be used whilst weighing in
Keepnets must be strung out to dry until 10mins before the start of the match
Fish to be returned with care after weighing in